Krypton has partnered with industry leaders to create a fully integrated AML/KYC Ecosystem that electronically captures all KYC/AML, Sanctions Screening, Transaction Monitoring and AEOI in one robust platform. No separate risk tools or screening tasks. This technology allows us to streamline the on boarding process making manual processes and checklists obsolete.

  • Fully automated Investor Risk Calculations
  • Comply on the Fly Technology is configurable to changing regulatory requirements
  • Dynamic Risk Models for each Investor Type
  • Layered Multi Tier Risk Models
  • Beneficial Owner Tracking and Charting
  • Integrated Document Management

Krypton utilizes PFS-PAXUS a system developed by Pacific Fund Systems (“PFS”) who have been supporting the investment fund accounting and fund administration industry since 1999 via PFS-PAXUS fund administration system. PFS-PAXUS is a functionally rich, fully-integrated, specialist fund accounting and administration application for the fund administration industry, and it fully supports a large range of traditional and alternative funds, including hedge funds, private equity and real estate, and many other collective investment vehicle structures spanning all asset classes.

PFS-PAXUS is utilized for NAV accounting purposes and is used to perform fund accounting, portfolio accounting and investor services functions in addition to the compliance monitoring and oversight functions, including regulatory reporting and shadow accounting.

The integrated nature of the application enables Krypton to manage the entire processing cycle within one system.


Investran is an integrated private equity software suite that automates front, middle and back-office processes for private equity firms, including general partners, limited partners, service providers, fund of funds and family offices. Covering the entire investment life cycle, Investran offers accounting, relationship management and partnership accounting functionality. To satisfy data-hungry investors and regulators, Investran helps transform data into intelligence, enabling firms to increase operational efficiency, enhance reporting and improve performance. Krypton will be utilizing Investran as the core system for our Global Private Equity service offering. Krypton will deploy significant resources towards a successful integration of Investran.

Krypton Management System
Krypton’s KMS is a propriety system developed in-house for the purpose automating data into PFS-PAXUS from clients, brokers and pricing sources.